From FY1941
Until  FY1944
Airplane Abbreviation Code Table for the Operational Plane Prototype Plan (Abbreviated as Jikkei)
Prototype CompanyPrototype Model NamePrototype Abbreviation CodePrototype Fiscal YearPrototype Model NamePrototype Abbreviation Code
Mitsubishi16-Shi Medium Attack PlaneM60FY1941Aichi 16-Shi Ship-based Attack PlaneA30
17-Shi Ship-based FighterM50Nakajima 16-Shi Ship-based Recon PlaneN50
17-Shi Interceptor FighterM70Kūgishō 16-Shi Land-based Recon PlaneY30
19-Shi Medium Attack PlaneM80Mitsubishi 16-Shi Medium Attack PlaneM60
19-Shi Ship-based FighterM90Aichi 16-Shi Night Recon PlaneA50
Nakajima16-Shi Ship-based Recon PlaneN50Watanabe 16-Shi Submarine-based Recon PlaneW10
17-Shi Fighter-BomberN20FY1942Mitsubishi 17-Shi Ship-based FighterM50
17-Shi Interceptor FighterN40Mitsubishi 17-Shi Interceptor FighterM70
18-Shi Large Attack PlaneN60Nakajima 17-Shi Interceptor FighterN40
19-Shi Ship-based Recon PlaneN70Nakajima 17-Shi Fighter-BomberN20
19-Shi Sea-based BomberN21Aichi 17-Shi Observation PlaneA60
Aichi16-Shi Ship-based Attack PlaneA30Kawanishi 17-Shi Large Flying BoatK60
16-Shi Night Recon PlaneA50FY1943Aichi 18-Shi Ship-based AttackerA70
17-Shi Observation PlaneA60Nakajima 18-Shi Large Attack PlaneN60
18-Shi Ship-based AttackerA70Kawanishi 18-Shi Sea-based FighterK70
Kawanishi17-Shi Large Flying BoatK60Kawanishi 18-Shi Medium Flying BoatH8K2
18-Shi Sea-based FighterK70FY1944Mitsubishi 19-Shi Ship-based FighterM90
18-Shi Medium Flying BoatH8K2Nakajima 19-Shi Ship-based Recon PlaneN70
Watanabe16-Shi Submarine-based Recon PlaneW10Mitsubishi 19-Shi Medium Attack PlaneM80
19-Shi Submarine-based Recon PlaneW20Watanabe 19-Shi Submarine-based Recon PlaneW20
Kūgishō16-Shi Land-based Recon PlaneY30Nakajima 19-Shi Sea-based BomberN21
Notes(1) These abbreviation codes are to be used in related documents, blueprints, etc.
(2) In cases where a separate title is required for correspondence documents etc, matters must relate to the “Jikkei”.
(3) Absolutely avoid the use of prototype model names in records.
(4) For variants, 1, 2, 3, and so on will be added sequentially to the one’s place numeral.