Current Navy Gliders Specification Table
DesignationType Hikari Model 6.2Model ChikaraSpecial Transport PlaneWakazakura
DesignFukuda Light Airplane Co.Japan Small Airplane Co.Nippon Airplane Corp.1st Navy Technical Arsenal
PurposeGliding cooperative trainingFor high-speed towing and gliding trainingFor troop transportFor pilot training
Model-TypeCantilever Shoulder Straight-Wing Parallel Twin-SeaterCantilever Mid Straight-Wing Tandem Twin-SeaterCantilever High Straight-WingHigh Wing Monoplane
SpecificationFull Widthm17.00011.00018.0009.000
Full Lengthm7.0007.00013.0009.000
Full Heightm1.2001.7002.8003.200
Wing Aream221.00018.00044.000
Aspect Ratio13.806.7010.00
Wing Loadingkg/m219.5030.6061.4075.00
PerformanceMinimum Speedkt27.5035.0045.00
Minimum Sinking Ratem/s0.810.90
Best GlideSpeedkt37.8050.0068.00
Sinking Ratem/s0.901.202.50
Glide Ratio21.6016.0018.00
Max Tow Speedkt65.00150.00
Speed Limitkt97.00220.0021.00
LandingSpeed ControlAirbrakeFlaps
Landing GearSkid and single wheelSkid and single wheel
FY19413 (3)3 (3)15
FY19424 (10)13 (13)
FY19430 (0)
FY19443 (25)3
FY19450 (95)The prototype is scheduled to be completed in September 1945, and examinations are to be completed in March 1946.
TowplaneType 93 Land-based Intermediate TrainerType 93 Land-based Intermediate Trainer, Type 97 Ship-based AttackerType Zero Transport PlaneCatapult launching-type
NotesPowder rocket 65kg x 9sec x 1 (catapult launching-type)