April 11, 1945
Navy Aviation Headquarters

Engine Designation List

New DesignationFormer Army DesignationFormer Navy DesignationCodeNotes
Ha-11 Model 11Ha-47Hatsukaze Model 11GK4A
Ha-11 Model 12GK4BImproved Model 11
Ha-12 Model 01IK1B
Ha-13 Model 01Air-cooled
Ha-21 Model 11Ha-12Kamikaze Model 2
Ha-22 Model 11Ha-42
Ha-23 Model 11 KōAmakaze Model 11 KōNot equipped with Cuno-style oil filter
Ha-23 Model 11 OtsuAmakaze Model 11 OtsuEquipped with Cuno-style oil filter
Ha-23 Model 13Ha-13
Ha-23 Model 15Amakaze Model 15GK2DProduction adapted Model 11
Ha-23 Model 21Amakaze Model 21GK2B
Ha-23 Model 22Ha-13 Model Kō 1
Ha-23 Model 23Ha-13 Model 2Vacuum pump and oil pump installed
Ha-23 Model 24Ha-13 Model 3Machine gun equipped
Ha-23 Model 25GK2GProduction adapted Model 21
Ha-23 Model 31Amakaze Model 31GK2CPerformance improved Model 21
Ha-23 Model 32GK2FVulkan-style supercharger
Ha-23 Model 33Ha-38
Ha-31 Model 11Zuisei Model 11For low-altitude
Ha-31 Model 12Zuisei Model 12For high-altitude
Ha-31 Model 13Zuisei Model 13Machine gun cam attached
Ha-31 Model 14Ha-26 Model 1
Ha-31 Model 15Ha-26 Model 2
Ha-31 Model 21Ha-102MK2I
Ha-32 Model 11Ha-101Kasei Model 11MK4A0.684 reduction ratio
Ha-32 Model 12Kasei Model 12MK4B0.5 reduction ratio
Ha-32 Model 13Kasei Model 13MK4C0.684 reduction ratio, extended shaft
Ha-32 Model 14Kasei Model 14MK4D0.625 reduction ratio, double contra-rotating
Ha-32 Model 15Kasei Model 150.684 reduction ratio, altitude performance improved
Ha-32 Model 21Kasei Model 21MK4P0.54 reduction ratio
Ha-32 Model 22Kasei Model 22MK4Q0.5 reduction ratio
Ha-32 Model 22 KōKasei Model 22 KōInjection
Ha-32 Model 23Kasei Model 23MK4RF0.5 reduction ratio, extended shaft
Ha-32 Model 23 KōKasei Model 23 KōChanged to large charging generator
Ha-32 Model 23 OtsuKasei Model 23 OtsuModel 23 Kō that is able to mount turbocharger
Ha-32 Model 23 HeiKasei Model 23 HeiModel 23 Otsu changed to large cooling fan
Ha-32 Model 24Kasei Model 24MK4S0.625 reduction ratio, double contra-rotating
Ha-32 Model 25Ha-111Kasei Model 250.625 reduction ratio
Ha-32 Model 25 KōKasei Model 25 KōEquipped with High Pressure Oil Pump Model 51
Ha-32 Model 25 OtsuKasei Model 25 OtsuChanged Model 25 to injection-type
Ha-32 Model 25 HeiKasei Model 25 HeiChanged Model 25 Kō to injection-type
Ha-32 Model 26Kasei Model 26Altitude performance improved, changed Model 23 Kō reduction ratio to 0.625
Ha-32 Model 26 KōKasei Model 26 Kō0.5 reduction ratio
Ha-32 Model 27Kasei Model 27Altitude performance improved Model 25
Ha-32 Model 28Kasei Model 28Changed Model 26, Model 27 to allow switching 1st-2nd speed rated
Ha-33 Model 51Ha-112 Model 1Kinsei Model 51MK8A
Ha-33 Model 52Kinsei Model 52
Ha-33 Model 53Kinsei Model 53
Ha-33 Model 54Kinsei Model 54Machine gun cam attached
Ha-33 Model 61Kinsei Model 61MK8PCarburetor
Ha-33 Model 62Ha-112 Model 2Kinsei Model 62MK8PInjection
Ha-33 Model 01Ha-41
Ha-34 Model 11Ha-109
Ha-34 Model 12Ha-119
Ha-35 Model 11Sakae Model 11NK1BFor low-altitude
Ha-35 Model 12Ha-25Sakae Model 12NK1CFor high-altitude
Ha-35 Model 21Sakae Model 21NK1F
Ha-35 Model 22Sakae Model 22NK1GReverse rotation propeller
Ha-35 Model 23Ha-115
Ha-35 Model 24Ha-115 SuLow-pressure injection Model 23
Ha-35 Model 25MK1FSLow-pressure injection Model 21
Ha-35 Model 31Sakae Model 31Performance improvement Model 21 (water methanol injection)
Ha-35 Model 31 KōSakae Model 31 KōModel 31 without water-methanol injection
Ha-35 Model 31 OtsuSakae Model 31 OtsuModel 31 Kō with same supercharger drive gear ratios as Model 21
Ha-35 Model 31 HeiSakae Model 31 HeiModel 31 Otsu with methanol injection implemented
Ha-35 Model 32Ha-115 Model 2Sakae Model 32Performance improvement Model 23
Ha-42 Model 11Ha-104MK6A
Ha-42 Model 21Ha-214 RuMK10C2-speed supercharger
Ha-42 Model 31Ha-214 FuMK10A2-stage Vulkan-style supercharger
Ha-42 Model 41MK10B2-stage variable reduction ratio
Ha-43 Model 01Ha-211 Model 1
Ha-43 Model 11Ha-211 RuMK9A2-speed supercharger
Ha-43 Model 21Ha-211 Model 2MK9B2-stage Vulkan-style supercharger
Ha-43 Model 31Ha-211 Model 3Extended shaft, pusher
Ha-43 Model 41MK9D2-stage supercharger, extended shaft, pusher
Ha-43 Model 42Remodeled Model 41
Ha-44 Model 11Ha-219NK11A
Ha-45 Model 11Ha-45 TokuHomare Model 11NK9BSand-casted fins
Ha-45 Model 12Ha-45Homare Model 12Sand-casted fins, identical structure to Model 21
Ha-45 Model 21Ha-45Homare Model 21NK9H0.5 reduction ratio
Ha-45 Model 22Homare Model 22NK9K0.422 reduction ratio
Ha-45 Model 23Ha-45 SuHomare Model 23NK9HSLow-pressure injection Model 21
Ha-45 Model 24Homare Model 24Low-pressure injection Model 22
Ha-45 Model 31NK9KOPerformance improved Model 22
Ha-45 Model 41NK9A2-stage supercharger, 0.422 reduction ratio
Ha-45 Model 42NK9AOChanged intercooler intake position of Model 41
Ha-45 Model 43Ha-1450.5 reduction ratio
Ha-45 Model 51Ha-245High-altitude performance improvement
Ha-45 Model 52NK9LHigh-altitude performance improvement
Ha-45 Model 61NK9MPusher
Ha-46 Model 11Ha-217 Special
Ha-47 Model 01Ha-107
Ha-47 Model 11Ha-117
Ha-47 Model 21Ha-217
Ha-50 Model 01Ha-50
Ha-51 Model 01Ha-51
Ha-53 Model 01Ha-118MK11A
Ha-54 Model 01Ha-505Nakajima Ken Mark 3
Ha-60 Model 21Atsuta Model 21AE1A
Ha-60 Model 22Ha-40
Ha-60 Model 31Atsuta Model 31AE1P
Ha-60 Model 32Atsuta Model 32Changed dynamo rotation ratio
Ha-60 Model 33Ha-140 Toku
Ha-60 Model 41Ha-140
Ha-60 Model 42Ha-140 KōExtended shaft
Ha-60 Model 43AE1T2-speed supercharger
Ha-60 Model 51Ha-340High-altitude performance improvement
Ha-60 Model 53AE1T2-stage supercharger
Ha-61 Model 01Ha-240
Ha-62 Model 01Ha-440
Ha-70 Model 01Aichi Ken Mark 1Twin-layout
Ha-71 Model 01Ha-303
Ha-72 Model 11Ha-201Skewer-layout
Ha-72 Model 21Ha-321
Ha-73 Model 01YE2H
Ha-74 Model 01YE3A
Ha-74 Model 11YE3E
Ha-75 Model 01Ha-48
Ha-80 Model 01Ha-300Hitachi Ken Mark 1Heavy oil
Ha-81 Model 01Ha-43Sliding-valve
Ha-81 Model 02Ha-143Sliding-valve
Ha-82 Model 11Ha-200Sliding-valve
Ha-82 Model 12Ha-120Sliding-valve
Ha-83 Model 01Hitachi Ken Mark 1Sliding-valve
Ha-84 Model 01Ha-462-stroke
Ha-90 Model 11Se-Mi Model 11
Ha-90 Model 01SH1A