Av. Gen. Confidential No.79
February 27th, 1945

Aviation Headquarters General Affairs Department 2nd Section

Memo of Experimental Ōka and Kikka Production Meeting

1: The production schedule is to be adjusted as shown below (draft).

ŌkaKikkaModified GingaModified Type 1 Rikkō
Model 11Model 22Model 33
Until 3/1945750Depending on the conditions it may be decided to carry the Ōka Model 22
744 (+6)54550
Co. Name1st Arsenal1st Technical ArsenalAichi1st Technical ArsenalAichiNakajima1st Arsenal
NotesTo be discontinued in MarchThe (+6) are for testing examinationsConsider raising as much as possibleFor testing examinationsSeparately consider construction location

2: Based on the draft above, it is decided to circulate a draft manufacturing decision for fine consideration between the Aviation Headquarters and the Ministry of Munitions.

3: When creating the production request, this shall clearly specify how the materials in the policy below from part of the previous FY1945 requirement will be cut into. The basic details will be decided with studies of each case.

For Ōka, [materials for] fighters (the airframe) (the nose is studied separately as to bomb/torpedo [materials]).

For Kikka, [materials for] attackers

4: Due to the urgent situation at the Aichi company regarding the Ōka Model 22, it is decided to discontinue the ongoing production of the Zuiun in that company. The details of this will be decided upon a separate study.

5: Sufficient considerations must be given to dispersal away from bombing while prototyping and producing the Ōka and Kikka.

Therefore, the utilization of the Maizuru area should be considered for production of the Ōka Model 33.

6: Considering the critical timing of these planes, sufficient consideration must be given to mass production at an early stage. Particularly, the production of the Ōka Model 22 should be accelerated as much as possible.

7: It is decided to conduct research next on Ōka variants for catapult launching and towing.

8: Production of the Ōka Model 11 will be discontinued in March 1945.

9: A separate request will be made for the power plants of the aircraft like in line 1.


DateFebruary 27thFebruary 28th
LocationAviation HQ General Affairs Dept. Chief’s RoomAviation HQ 2nd Dept. Chief’s Room
AttendeesAviation HQ: Gen Affairs Dept Chief, Ikegami, Itō, Setoyama, 2nd Sec Chief, Maki, 2nd Dept 1st Sec Chief, Ejima
Military Affairs: Inoguchi
General Staff: 3rd Sec Chief, Matsūra
Ministry of Munitions: Fujiwara
Aviation HQ: 2nd Dept Chief, 2nd Dept 1st Sec Chief, Itō, Yutani, Yakata
Ministry of Munitions: Matsūra