July 1944

FY1944 Airplane Prototype (Remodeling) Plan
ClassificationsA = Unchanged
B = Accept or Reject Depending on Situation
C = Cancel Immediately
D = Newly Added
Aircraft DesignationClass.Summary
Shiden KaiACompare with Reppū and research its potential as a ship-based fighter.
ReppūBProduce if there is no prospect for a Shiden Kai ship-based fighter.
JinpūCSucceeded by Shiden Kai.
Reppū KaiBCompare with Tenrai and produce if Tenrai is inferior.
ShindenA} Continue due to need for 400kt plane (substitute for Me 163).
Me 163DProduced by Mitsubishi.
Tenrai KaiDEquipped with 2-stage 2-speed engine (special weapon).
Suisei TaAEquipped with oblique gun.
KyokkōAUse as a substitute for Ginga if speed is poor. Research equipping it with TR10.
SaiunDModify some to night fighters depending on production situation.
Type 2 Ship-Based Recon Plane TaA
Saiun TaANo “Ta” for the time being due to production. Some used as ship-based planes.
KeiunBPrototype only 6 planes with 1T. If it is acceptable with 1P, cancel the Suisei. Research equipping it with TR30.
GingaAUse Kyokkō-style armament.
Ginga RoDResearch and implement its equipment with Hatsukaze “Ro” and TR due to low high-speed acceleration.
TengaAMake a prototype fighter-bomber by equipping and testing the Ginga with TR30.
Type 1 Land-Based Attacker Model 30ATail remodeling. Fuel tank remodeling. Equipped with “Ta”.
Renzan KaiDTakeoff assistance. Cruising range increase.
Suisei Model 12AImproved protection. Research regarding Hatsukaze or powder “Ro”. May be canceled depending on situation of the Model 33.
Suisei Model 22AEquipped with powder “Ro”. Research speed-increasing measures.
RyūseiAPerformance enhancement.
TōkaiAPromote the twin-seat trainer.
ZuiunATest catapult-launching without floats (research). Equipped with powder “Ro”.
Type 0 Sea-Based Recon PlaneATest catapult-launching without floats (research).
Type 0 Transport PlaneA
Sōkū KaiBDecide depending on situation of Sōkū.
Ryūsei TrainerC