December 9th, 1944

Navy Aviation HQ General Affairs Dept 2nd Sec

Memo of Kūgishō Meeting Regarding Kikka

1. Conclusions

  1. The completion of the plane equipped with TR Model 12 will be accelerated as much as possible.
  2. A sea-level full-power cruising range of 110 nautical miles (150 nautical miles) when equipped with a No.50 Bomb (No.25 Bomb) must be obtained.
  3. The completion of the TR Model 20 must be accelerated to an extent that does not interfere with the completion of the TR Model 12.

(a) Hereafter, we will push forward to research and prototype construction without major policy changes.
(b) Must submit the documents ASAP of the expected date of the completion of the Kikka as well as requests to the central authority.

  1. The TR Model 15 will not be prototyped.

2. Expectations, Performance, Etc.

Equipped EnginesTR12TR20
Overload Weight3,000 kg4,000 kg
Thrust315 kgf474 kgf
Sea Level Top Speed276 kt [511 km/h]341 kt [632 km/h]
Climb Immediately After Takeoff2.8 m/s5.7 m/s
Takeoff Distance w/ Rockets310 m525 m
Cruising Range150 NM [278 km]230 NM [426 km]
Wing Loading231 kg/m2308 kg/m2
Width10.000 m
Length9.250 m
Height3.050 m
FoldedWidth5.300 m
Height3.050 m
Empty Weight2030 kg (2330 kg)
Equipment Weight970 kg (670 kg)
Overload Weight3990 kg ( “ )
Ordnance [Bomb]No.25 (No.50)

Materials Used:

Aluminum: 400 kg (Zero Fighter uses 900 kg)
Aluminum: 40%, Steel: 60%

3. Expected Completion of Kikka, TR Model 12, and TR Model 20

KikkaStrength Tester 12 + 16 + 4
TR Model 1210 units completed (Kūgishō: 7; Nakajima, Mitsubishi, Ishikawajima: 1 each), countermeasure plans for unresolved issues drafted, testingCountermeasure plans testedMid-month: establish countermeasure plans
End-month: complete preparation of pre-production materials
10 pre-production units completed30 pre-production units completed (using each company’s engine construction)
TR Model 20Blueprints completedMaterials preparedAssembly of 2 units completedOperating tests with prototypes, assembly of 3 units completed, operating modifications

The change in the prototype schedule of the Kikka will be decided upon research at the Aviation HQ.

4. Requests to the central authorities of the Kūgishō regarding the completion of TR.

  1. Endeavors to accelerate the completion of prototypes.
  2. Engine construction cooperation of the Yokosuka Arsenal should be treated as though it were an official order from the top brass.
  3. Provide accommodations from every field to accelerate completion.

5. Date, Location, Attendees

December 9th, AM-PM, Kugishō

Aviation HQ: Chief of 2nd Dept, Chiefs of 2nd Dept 1st Sec & 2nd Sec, Chief of Gen Aff Dept 2nd Sec, Dept Personnel Itō, Iwaya, Eshima.
Military Affairs Bureau: Bureau Personnel Inoguchi, Watanabe.
General Staff: Chief of 2nd Dept, Chief of 3rd Sec, Dept Personnel Yokoyama.
Kūgishō: Persons related to the Yoko-kū [Yokosuka Navy Air Corps].